Red Stick Spice Cooking Class Review!

Hey y’all, Erinn here! Whether you’re looking for the perfect date night or next ladies’ night out, we’re spicing things up with a review of Red Stick Spice’s cooking classes! 

Red Stick Spice’s cooking class review by daksoft

If you’re unfamiliar with the local business, Red Stick Spice Company is a family-owned and operated business, offering its customers the personal attention they expect and deserve around all things culinary. From mixed spices to flavored olive oils and pepper jellies to teas and coffees, they curate the best of the best so you don’t have to!

In addition to their wide variety of product offerings, they also provide culinary experiences for the community via their different cooking classes. The classes range from full meals, such as their Cajun Classics one, to smaller dishes, such as their Make Your Own Jams & Jellies or Platters and Boards classes. 

Red Stick Spice’s cooking class review! by daksoft

Since we’re all looking for an experience nowadays, Thomas and I decided to spice things up and attend their Southern Comfort cooking class for his birthday this year! And let me be the first to tell you, both the fun, welcoming atmosphere and the food did not disappoint… 

You begin by mixing and mingling with other attendees and the Red Stick Spice staff. Then the lead chef (we had the pleasure of having Anne!) will talk you through the dishes, providing historical information, tips and tricks, and anything and everything you need to know!

Red Stick Spice’s cooking class review by daksoft

You then break into groups to tackle the different dishes/sides individually. Red Stick Spice provides step-by-step directions at each station so you never miss a beat or worry about what to do next! 

Red Stick Spice’s cooking class review by daksoft

Once everyone completes their dish – with a little help from the Red Stick Spice staff of course, lol! – you gather back around the main table. Here, the lead chef will present all of the dishes and provide more information regarding local products, specific spices and olive oils used!

Red Stick Spice’s cooking class review by daksoft

After it’s all said and done, Bon Appetite! So if you’re looking for the perfect date night or need to sharpen your cooking skills, we definitely recommend this local favorite! 

Red Stick Spice’s cooking class review in daksoft

PS – You can even bring your own wine to sip while you cook!