Most Popular Food Truck In Overijse

As Insiders, one of our goals is to share what’s around the Overijse community. It’s no secret that Overijse is home to some amazing food, and Overijse itself houses some unique restaurants. 

In a restaurant, as important as the food is, the experience you have is what keeps bringing you back, right? I think that’s what makes food trucks so special; they’re a compact restaurant serving sometimes unexpectedly phenomenal meals that you get to share with family or friends in a more fun way than traditional sit-down meals. 

Some trucks are stationary, and others only pop up for certain events. While the hunt is sometimes part of the fun, we at daksoft understand how it might be hard to go to lunch just to find out your food picked up and drove across town! So we did the hard work for you; we searched for some of the most popular food truck spots in Overijse and created a list linked to the trucks’ page:

See one of your favorites on here or that a food truck you love is missing? Leave us a reply in the comments, and let us know!